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At Island Transport Ferry Service

Trips are scheduled day or night, depending upon tides. We carry everything from airplanes to waste management disposal and much more. In fact, we carry any and all cargo that isnít allowed on the Washington State Ferries, such as gasoline and propane to Lopez, Orcas, and Friday Harbor as well as other islands not serviced by the public ferry system.

Island Transporter - Our BoatOur boat is much like that which was used at Normandy; able to carry cargo and land at a boat ramp or beach, wherever necessary. This feature allows us to deliver freight to islands without specified delivery areas. With 66 feet of deck space, and possible additional space with the rear overhang, our vessel is capable of carrying large loads. Island Transport is an impressive 74 foot landing craft built by Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, WA. The weight capacity ranges from 40 to 50 tons depending upon sea conditions. Traveling speed averages approximately 7 knots.

Towing and small load deliveries are additional services provided by Island Transport. We take camping gear, kayaks, ATVs and motorcycles to islands throughout the San Juans.

Cost can vary depending upon the number of clients sharing a load and amount of travel/wait time to a specific island. Call us for a free price quote at 360-293-6060.

Island Transporter - CrewProfessionally operated by USCG licensed personnel, we are committed to the best customer service possible. Let us work with you to plan the most cost effective solutions for your island transportation needs.

Our office and loading ramp is located at 1909 Skyline Way in Skyline Marina. Call us today at 360-293-6060 to schedule your cargo delivery to the San Juan Islands.


How many pounds can the ISLAND TRANSPORTER haul?

Our landing craft can haul up to 100,000 pounds! The deck itself is 20 feet wide and 74 feet long!

To book a trip call 360.293.6060.  

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